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Together, we did it!

30 Sep - 8 Nov, 2022

What an extraordinary journey to COP27 it has been! We said we would do this and on November 8th, as we crossed the finish line, we proved it was possible. We have passed this baton mile after mile, day and night, for 40 days. Thanks to the incredible collective effort of thousands of people, across 18 countries, we have covered the 7,767km from Glasgow to Sharm El-Sheikh. 

We ran, cycled, rowed, sailed, windsurfed and skied our way to Egypt. Through thunderstorms, hail, wind, snow, and desert heat. We never gave up. We kept moving forward. We kept working together. We've seen first-hand the endless human determination to show up and carry the baton for a cause we all believe in. We turned our words into action and we hope this baton, this symbol of hope, will be a reminder to world leaders that they must do the same.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Running Out of Time Relay.

Watch the relay journey in two minutes! ๐Ÿ‘€

Discover the epic, record breaking 7,767 km non-stop relay from Scotland to Egypt which delivered a message on climate action to the worldโ€™s leaders at COP27. ๐ŸŒ

Thousands of participants helped carry the relay baton for 40 days, across 18 countries, to Sharm El-Sheikh. In time for the most important climate conference of the decade.

Watch the video

Over 800,000 people (and counting!) have supported The Baton Message!

Inside our relay baton was a message to the decision makers at COP27. A message created by young people, demanding quality climate education for all. So that people have the skills, knowledge and opportunities to build sustainable, climate resilient communities. 

Please spare 30 seconds to read and you can still add your support!

View The Message

776,611 students joined our Global Action Day!

On November 3rd, 776,611 students from 2,230 schools in 105 countries took part in our Global Schools Action Day! 

We created the day for schools around the world to unite, demonstrate how local actions have global impacts, and be heard at COP27. Wow! What a response it has been! Thousands of photos and videos are coming in from across the world, see the link below for a flavour of the action. Thank you to everyone who took part!

View Global Schools Action Day

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