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Iconic Running Out of Time Relay Baton is Back for 2024!

In 2022, thousands of runners, cyclists and sailors carried the baton from Scotland to Egypt, to deliver a climate message from young people to world leaders at COP27. 

An epic 7,767km relay, crossing seas, mountain ranges, glaciers, and deserts, villages, towns and capital cities along the way. The baton visited hundreds of schools, at-risk locations and climate change projects to inspire and champion local climate action... well, now it's back for another incredible journey!

This time, the message in the baton supports the Climate Coalition’s national United for People, Climate and Nature campaign. It calls for politicians of all parties - and leaders in all walks of life - to cut emissions, restore nature, and help those most affected by climate change.

The message will be placed in the baton at our launch event in Fort William and will be read out by people of all backgrounds and ages along the Relay route, before being delivered to Westminster at the Relay finale on July 4th.


James Hay

Running Out of Time Co-Founder

"Working with 4c to develop the Running Out of Time relay baton has been a fantastic experience. The team understood that the baton is at the heart of the relay's story and spent several workshops with us to explore what it symbolises and how the design and materials used, embody that story. The result is something that is unique and perfectly captures our mission of togetherness in the fight against the climate crisis." 

Will Mitchell

Managing Director at 4c (Baton creators)

“Over the years, we’ve been asked to design batons and trophies for various projects and initiatives and turned all but a few away to stretch out creative muscles. When the Running Out of Time team approached me to see if myself and the team would be up for it – I couldn’t say no. The ambition behind this relay hits so hard with what we need to do as a society that has a significant impact on our industry and lives – it is an honour to help guide it.” 

Mark Penver

Design Director at 4c (Baton creators)

“The baton is a true team effort with others involved from various backgrounds and utilised a lot of leftover materials in our studio. Handcrafted. Machined. Polished. Love and care has been poured over it and I’m excited to see it wear from the thousands of hands it’ll pass and how well it will age once it reaches its final destination.”

The Campaign

United for People, Climate and Nature 🌱 ✋

People across the UK are already taking action to tackle climate change and protect nature and 83% of people in the UK think the government should do more to tackle climate change. It's time for all politicians to follow suit and commit to ambitious action ahead of the UK general election and in this critical decade for our planet.

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