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Schools and the Running Out of Time Relay

This year schools are a major part of what we’re doing across the country. In some form or another the relay will visit 50 schools from Fort William to Hackney, recognising sustainability initiatives, connecting children into a nationwide movement, and inspiring more action.

Relay Map

Track the relay live

No matter whether your school is already directly involved, you can track the relay on its journey from Ben Nevis to Big Ben. Please let us know if you’d like to come and say hi when we come past.

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7 June - 5 July

Join The Climate Action Countdown!

Let’s Go Zero have created a resource bank containing content from the 27 educational partners involved in the Climate Action Countdown. This will include junior and senior school climate assemblies plus a range of other educational content and will be freely available to schools in the next couple of weeks. 

By signing up you’ll be the first to access the wealth of materials our sustainability network has to offer.

Climate Action Countdown

We have also been working with a host of other organisations who have a fantastic array of educational materials that can be accessed below.

Plastic Free Schools

What is Plastic Free Schools?

A system-shaking, changemaking, pupil-led education programme

It’s a programme to equip young activists with the tools to create positive, lasting environmental change. It teaches pupils that they should never underestimate the power of their voice. It helps the kids and teachers to outsmart the polluters and replace their pointless plastics with something better.

The Plastic Free Schools campaign empowers pupils to make real changes in their school and community. They investigate single-use plastics, find alternatives for their school to use, and challenge polluters to change their ways.

Plastic Free Schools

Earth Cubs

What is Earth Cubs?

Earth Cubs is award-winning content about the environment, sustainability and climate change for 3-11 year olds.

Inspired by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Earth Cubs covers topics from climate change and renewable energy, to equality and green jobs, and loads more!

Earth Cubs content is free, supported by wonderful mission-aligned organisations.

Earth Cubs is being used in over 7,500 schools in 140 countries. 

Earth Cubs

England Athletics

What is funetics?

funetics is a fun and inclusive kids' athletics programme

funetics is created by England Athletics to help 4-11 year old children across the country to learn, develop and practice running, jumping and throwing skills all year round, for a healthy confident future.


Tree Council

What is the Young Tree Champions?

The Young Tree Champions programme supports schools across the UK to embark on impactful nature-based projects that connect pupils and teachers to trees and nature, helping them to develop the knowledge, skills and tools they need to speak up to protect trees and our planet.

Force for Nature exhibition

Click here for tickets to join online for the Force of Nature Festival:

Belmont Estate

Belmont’s Nature-Based Education Programme

Our mission is to inspire people to become more connected to the natural world by providing opportunities to access nature and outdoor experiences. Set within our rewilding project at Watercress Farm, and with a focus on connection and wellbeing, our programme inspires pre-schoolers, university students and everyone in between to reconnect with nature in a fun, exploratory and active way.

Pupils Profit

What is Pupils Profit?

Pupils Profit work with schools, helping children to set up ethical enterprises.  The ECO Refill Shop allows children to plan, launch and operate a fully circular shop, which actively reduces plastic waste and changes behaviour in their wider school community. 

Children are very aware of the negative impacts of plastic waste on the natural habitats, and they are excited to be able to driving change.  Interested schools should watch this video, or visit our website 

Pupils Profit Eco Refill

Green Squirrel

What is the Railway Gardens? 

Railway Gardens is a fantastic place for learning; from activities in Y Nyth, our wind and solar powered outdoor learning space, to bug hunts in the mini meadow and food growing in the veg garden! Thanks to support for our Green Tracks project from Natural Resources Wales we have now launched our bilingual schools programme and we’d love to welcome you and your pupils to the Gardens! 

Green Squirrel schools

British Triathlon

Giving every child the confidence to experience swim, bike, run.

Active Skills for Life uses swim, bike, run to combine playing and learning to teach children aged 7-14 essential skills that can be used in all aspects of life.

Promoting community and class-based activity, the programme gives children of all abilities the encouragement, skills, confidence and opportunities to live active and healthy lives through active play. 

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